Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, December 19.


Recent trends and discussions could deceive you into thinking Christmas is going to be quieter than usual. An unexpected invitation or a simple change of mood could lead you to spending some time in an unfamiliar place or seriously discussing arrangements for a holiday in the not too distant future. Expect to have to take on a management role at an event or gathering when you seem to be the only one who has the experience to get this project underway.


It may be Christmas but this won’t stop you from fulfilling all routine obligations and responsibilities. Financial matters are influenced in a pleasing way. If you’re keen to make an extra pound or two, put your imagination to use. Have a look at some unusual ways of increasing your income. Bear in mind too that what you consider to be unwanted items might be just what someone else is keen to buy. Your financial prospects will soon be taking a turn for the better.


Money seems to evaporate before your eyes. You’re feeling generous and wanting to splash out on some special gifts for the people you love. Even so, do your best not to let extravagance get out of hand. Without taking on the appearance of being stingy, start thinking in a long-term sense about what will need to be bought or paid for once the Season of Goodwill has passed. A creative talent will come in useful when spending time with younger members of the family.


After a big disagreement you should be relieved to find a good deal more harmony surrounding you and your family this Christmas. If you need any favours or assistance, now is the time to ask. You might get together with your colleagues or housemates to clear up any outstanding chores that need to be completed before the Big Day arrives. Charm will open new business doors for you. You will receive recognition for your hard work in the form of a Christmas bonus.


A warm and cheerful atmosphere in the home should not be ignored or fought against. If you are romantically linked with another you can expect extra helpings of tender loving moments. Be sure this isn’t one sided. An unexpected display of creativity from a youngster in the family will make you extremely proud. Mixing business with pleasure will lead you to an opportunity to make a personal dream to come true. Don’t hesitate while the chance is there.


Close relationships and friendships come under the spotlight. Although most people will be cheerful and cooperative, there is someone whose moodiness will upset you. So this Christmas may at times call for you to show patience, tolerance and understanding in a big way. Whether you are linked to someone in business or in romance, there may be a need to be flexible and slightly unconventional in your thinking.


With you thinking about relationships this would be a good time to repay favours. If you’re in the mood to do so, put your mind to duties and tasks you’ve been putting off getting to grips with. It will be easier to deal with complicated issues by working quietly on your own. Accept any challenge that helps you prove to yourself and to others, what you are capable of. Medical matters will be less worrying than you may have been fearing.


A team spirit will make this Christmas extra special. Even online communications will add a touch of festivity to your days. If you’re planning a small get together, you may have to be the one to get others in an organised frame of mind. Some gentle coaxing will achieve the desired result faster than ordering people about. It may be Christmas but you may need to deal with someone like a builder or repair person. If so, shop around for estimates.


It isn’t always easy but try and wait before you make judgements on newcomers to your world. Hold back from criticising the actions of people you are familiar with. Remember that first impressions may not hold true. Someone with different beliefs or who is from a different culture could be interesting to get to know. This is a good month to work on personal and professional relationships and to strengthen the ties of friendship. Joint activities will give your life depth and meaning.


You have achievements to be celebrated. Just take care that success doesn’t bring more than simple praise from your boss. Because of your efficient handling of a tricky job, others might expect you to always deal with the same sort of problem when this isn’t what you want. It’s important, this Christmas, not to spend all your time working hard. Be sure to have some fun and relaxation too. Pause to reconnect with an old friend.


A hyperactive friend will surprise you by showing a more cautious and careful side you never thought existed. It could be they’ve been hiding behind this front due to feeling overwhelmed with all the changes this past year has brought. Avoid making an issue of this sudden change in character. Take the time to develop closer bonds with your friends. This will make you feel more secure in your emotional relationships.


Trivial pursuits and being with petty people won’t suit your mood so try to arrange your schedule accordingly. If you’re planning to be on the move or to spring a surprise visit on a relative who lives some distance away, double check travel details and the fact the person you’re hoping to see is spending Christmas at home. If you have no plans to travel, time spent alone will lead to some worthwhile creative accomplishments.