THE FATE of a premises licence for a new Indian restaurant hangs in the balance as councillors deliberate the reasons for and against.

Rang Mahal Limited is seeking a new licence for its Riwaz restaurant on Aylesbury End, in Beaconsfield – but it is facing several objections from locals.

The Grade II listed building had been licensed under Azzurri Restaurants Limited until July 2020 when the company went into administration.

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After the licence lapsed, Rang Mahal Limited had to apply for a new one rather than having it transferred.

The premises had until recently been the Italian restaurant Zizzi.

During a 28-day consultation, 21 objections to the Indian restaurant were received. There were no letters of support. However, two objections have since been retracted.

During the last ten years the council’s licensing team received no complaints relating to the premises.

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In addition to concerns about “noise and odour” from the kitchen, objectors asked that smoking in the garden be prohibited after 10pm; that the movement of glass bottles happen after 9am; and they also claimed there is ‘no room for delivery drivers to wait’.

They also cite the 5am closure time on New Year’s Day among their concerns.

The applicant said he did not think of his business as a takeaway service, while offering an amended series of proposed conditions, including ejecting patrons by 2.30am on New Year’s Day.

Licensing sub-committee members will notify interested parties directly of their decision.

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