Following on from last week’s column, here are a few more Marlow Fire Brigade memories, carrying on through the last Century.

The funeral of Fire Chief Sidney Chalk in 1938 brought a parade by several local Brigades, and they are seen, in the first picture, marching up Trinity Road en-route for the cemetery. Sidney’s son Cyril, well remembered by many in Marlow, took over the family High Street hardware store at this date, after an early career in the cinema industry.

Then follow two pictures in the period of World War Two outside the Cambridge Road Fire Station.

Some well known names in both line-ups, including, seated left in the first picture, Fred Nottingham, from W.T.Porter in Station Approach.

Moving on a few decades, a training night at the Wharf has Town Councillor Cyril Chalk testing out a hose-pipe.

From left to right: Chris Unwin, Dick Petman, Peter Cole, Cyril, Geoff Illingworth, Mick Jackson and Eddie Kimball. The lower right picture: Neil Worrall, Tim Lamb, Trevor Painter, Terry Price, Colin Monroe, Alf Elam, Brian Grou and Geoff Illingworth. Lower left photos show the Brigade attending two local shop fires, at Thistles in the Lower High Street, and Catch Boutique on the corner of Quoiting Square.

Finally a latter day view of the Cambridge Road Fire Station, when the communication tower had been added.

This has now been replaced by a housing development and the inset shows the present day state of the art headquarters in Parkway.

This will be the last Marlow Nostalgia page until January 8th, so may I take the opportunity of wishing you a happy and peaceful festive season, and we all look forward to a more cheerful 2021.

Thank you also for all the feedback, many nice comments and extra bits of nostalgia information received over the past year.

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