A gifts shop in Amersham have slammed the Government following the county being placed into Tier 4 - with just a few minutes' notice.

Temptation Gifts, which is based on Sycamore Road within the town, are one of many shops to close their doors early this Christmas, as the infection rates across Buckinghamshire have increased rapidly.

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However, following the announcement on December 19 to put the county in an immediate lockdown, Mike Adams, who is the company’s managing director, had this to say on the situation.

In a notice that has been put up on the building’s door, it reads: “Following the Government's announcement, moving us into Tier 4 at 90 minutes' notice, it is with a heavy heart that we have had to close our doors once again.

"We very much hope that we will be allowed to re-open soon.

"We have been loath to criticise the politicians this year, but in our opinion, Saturday's broadcast was shambolic, inconsistent and ill-thought.

"Apparently, it is perfectly alright for people to continue to trek around the High Street, buying from coffee shops, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, garden centres, and so much more, and it is OK to carry on sending our children to school.

"But you would somehow be risking the health of the nation by buying your friends and family a Christmas gift from a gift shop.

"In the First World War, people spoke about lions being led by donkeys.

"Frankly, right now, donkeys would look like a better option.

"If we sound bitter, it is because we are bitter.

"But we are where we are.

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"We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your custom when you have been allowed to shop with us this year, and to wish you as happy a Christmas as possible given the new restrictions we are facing.

"We will continue to look after our 100+ workforce so that we are ready to welcome you back with open arms sometime in the new year."

The company confirmed that its website, www.temptationgifts.com, will remain active.