A BOTCHED bin collection calendar potentially affecting “thousands” of residents in the south of the county has been scrapped just days before the Christmas holidays.

Buckinghamshire Council was forced to reissue an unknown number of new waste collection schedules and to amend its online information after incorrect calendars were mailed to “a few” households in the South Bucks area.

The paper leaflet appears to show contradictory guidance to the council’s website, potentially confusing people who may put out the wrong bins for collection.

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On its website, the days for general rubbish, food and textiles are marked by a grey icon. But in the paper format the same days are marked in blue.

Similarly, days for mixed recycling, paper, food and garden waste are marked in blue online – but in grey on paper.

One resident wrote on Twitter: “@BucksCouncil Do you know you the new recycling and waste service leaflet is different to the one on your website?

“The key is incorrect on the one you have put through our doors. You may have thousands of people putting out the wrong bins this week.”

They added: “Please let us know which is correct. Thank you.”

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In response, cabinet member for environment and climate change, Cllr Bill Chapple, said: “We were quickly made aware of the error with a few of the printed calendars for the South Bucks area.

“All roads that received the incorrect calendar were delivered correct ones and Buckinghamshire Council’s webpages were updated to let residents know of the error.

“An updated downloadable calendar is also available.”

For information on waste collections in your area, click here

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