‘There is no light at the end of the tunnel.’

These are the words from a Bucks-based barber who has revealed that the reality of a third lockdown as the county enters Tier 4 ‘is going to be a struggle’.

Davio Rotulo, who owns his barbershop ‘Dav’s’, in Aylesbury, is just one of many self-employed workers across Buckinghamshire who will miss out on customers and income this festive season, as the Government confirmed that the county, will have some of the tightest restrictions to try and combat the virus.

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This has put Davio’s plans out of the window and despite earning some money following the easing of the first two lockdowns, he has admitted that he doesn’t know what the future will hold for his business, as well as many other self-employed people.

Speaking exclusively to the Bucks Free Press, he said: “Christmas/New Year is one of the busiest times for us and I had a lot of people booked in over this period, but with Tier 4 coming in, I have had to let a lot of people down.

“A lot of people want to look tidy over Christmas as there are lots of events going on as well as seeing family, but now you can’t do anything.

“It’s hard.

“Coming from a barber’s perspective, people want to look tidy and they want to look better, and a haircut is more than just that.

“I know that when people have their haircut, or even when I get my haircut, it makes me feel like a new man.

Bucks Free Press:

Davio Rotulo

“It makes you feel better about yourself; you feel a lot tidier and I think a lot of people will miss out on that feeling this Christmas.”

The barber also revealed that his mental health has also taken a ‘beating’ during the year, due to the uncertainty of when work will come in.

In the spring, he, along with many others, missed out on three months’ worth of income before an influx of customers came through during the summer.

He admitted that some of his clients hadn’t had a haircut in nearly half-a-year due to lockdown, and between July and November, he revealed he was getting regular clients, as well as the occasional new customer coming through his door.

But following the second lockdown in November and now the current shutdown, he confessed that he needs to find a new routine to keep himself motivated.

Bucks Free Press:

The inside of his shop

He continued: “My mental health has taken another beating, especially the third time round.

“During the first lockdown, it was really hard.

“With the second lockdown, at least we knew we had a date and a period of time so after the four weeks, we were back again but it is just hard.

“It is about finding the motivation to keep yourself going and keeping yourself busy during lockdown and financially, if you’re not working, you’re not getting money so that is an aspect we need to look at too.

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“We’ve got bills to pay for as well as other responsibilities, so it is hard at the moment.

“You look at it and you could say that Christmas has been ruined because we can’t do anything.

“Even when we were in Tier 3, we were told we could stay open, even though there was nothing else going on.

“So, it has been ruined in some sense, but what can you do?

Bucks Free Press:

Dav's is based in Aylesbury

“You have just got to stay on your feet.

“There are only certain members of the family you could see which will be hard for myself and for my family.

“Everyone needs to stay and keep strong as well as keeping motivated and busy and make sure you give yourself a routine.

“Especially if you’re self-employed or unemployed because if you don’t do anything, it will start to get to you and you’ll be deflated.”

For more information, visit www.davthebarber.co.uk.