An Aylesbury resident has spoken out after a woman was sexually assaulted just days before Christmas.

Between 9.50am at 10am on December 19, a woman in her 20s was walking down Buckingham Road, at the junction of Chappell Close, when she saw a man get off a bus and start to follow her.

The man ran up behind her and allegedly grabbed her bottom before fleeing.

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Thames Valley Police has since confirmed that no arrests have been made and that the investigation is continuing.

Speaking exclusively to the Free Press, the concerned resident, who has lived in the town for nearly 30 years and did not want to be named, said: “It makes me feel very scared because when you walk past somebody, they might attack you.

“Aylesbury used to be a lovely place even though there is crime, as with any place, but it seems that the crime in the town has increased.

“What makes it worrying is that you read about the crime in the area, and it is not too far away from your own doorstep and that is very scary.

“People have to be very careful when somebody approaches them as they could do anything to you.”

She also revealed that she is worried about the public’s safety when it comes to violent crime within the town.

It comes after TVP also confirmed that a man had been charged with rape in a separate incident on Christmas Eve following an investigation in Aylesbury.

The alleged rape happened in April 2019.

The resident has offered advice on what people can do if they feel anxious when leaving the house.

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She said: “Make sure that your phone is in an easy place to access when you go out and if you need to call the emergency services.

“And if you can, make sure you go with someone or go with a group of people to make yourself feel safer.

"If you can’t go with anyone, call someone when you are out so that you’re talking to another person that makes you feel safe.”

According to, there have been 273 reported cases of violent crime as of October 2020 in Aylesbury.

Violent crime is made up of assaults, gun and knife crimes, sexual violence such as rape or sexual assault, alcohol and drug-related violence, gang violence, domestic violence, hate crimes related to disability, faith, gender, gender identity, race or sexual orientation, robbery, and murder or manslaughter), whilst in 2019, there were 370 reported cases during the 12 months.

The figures for November and December 2020 have not yet come through.