This Christmas will be different for everyone in Buckinghamshire.

The confirmation of being Tier 4 on December 19 means plans, meet-ups and socialising have all been cancelled due the ongoing pandemic.

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However, don’t feel down in the dumps this festive season as High Wycombe-based personal trainer Hilary Spearing, who owns the Functional Fitness Studio within the town, has come up with some important tips to keep yourself fit, both physically and mentally, this Christmas.

She said: “Little things like the weather being bad could easily impact someone’s mental health during the current lockdown, as it might put people off from going outside to have a walk.

“Staying physically fit is important but the mental side of it is just as important too, especially if you’re alone, elderly or if you can’t see your family.

Bucks Free Press:

Hilary Spearing

“Exercise will be a massive help to your mental health.”

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From a physical aspect, she said: “Steps are very important, so going out for a walk and get some fresh air.

“With us now being in Tier 4, you don’t have to do it on your own as you can now go outside and meet someone, so you don’t have to walk on your own.

“Trying to do one activity a day is also important.

“Whether that is cardio or stretching, don’t just sit in front of the TV all day.

“It could be a workout, a bike ride or a walk outside.

“Just set aside a time scale, say, 30 minutes a day, to try and do some exercise as this could really help you physically and mentally during this period.”

From a mental health point of view, Hilary added: “When your routine has been taken out of the window, especially in this climate, it is important to structure your day.

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“My advice would be to get up at the same time each day and try and get the same amount of sleep each day, because you can’t catch up on sleep by having a long lie in.

“It is so important to get good sleep and try keep yourself busy.

“Get up at a certain time, eat breakfast, exercise, and then maybe add in or a video call with a relative or friend and then structure your mealtime too.

“When you’re out of a routine, eating can be a bit up in the air.

“So, get good sleep, get up at a certain time every day, exercise, and then from a social and mental health aspect, make time to do a video call with somebody.

Bucks Free Press:

She owns the Functional Fitness Studio

“Also, people drink a lot of alcohol over Christmas but I would suggest to rain that in.

“This has a negative impact on your mental health, as this can make you feel worse.”

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“The saying ‘drowning down your sorrows’ doesn’t work, so don’t drink as much as this will not help.”

She has also suggested meditating by using the ‘Calm’ app.

For more information about Hilary’s work, visit her Facebook page,