Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, January 2.


If you’re travelling it’s likely to be visiting family. Check travel safety tips and guidelines to make sure you can plan ahead and reduce frustration. An in-law will irritate you when they criticise your ideas. If you don’t always get on, do your best to avoid them and, for your partner’s sake, make an effort to be polite. Family life is up and down but you will make the best of it. Creative and leisure activities will help you relax.


You might feel guilty about having to carefully consider the expense before agreeing to some family or social arrangements. You want to get finances back onto a manageable level which means it’s sensible to work out what you can and can’t afford. Emotionally you might feel all at sea. This could have you questioning recent decisions you made or wondering why some people in your life are being so argumentative. Bite your lips.


You thrive on challenge and will enjoy an unexpected turn of events. That’s why you will easily adapt to some quick changes that are being made to social or family plans. Your partner or a close friend will be glad of your versatility. Even if arrangements are in turmoil you will find something to smile about. A romantic gift will be given or received. You’re determined to make pleasure a bigger part of your life.


Health and job concerns are uppermost in your mind. It’s important to seek professional help if you are worried in any way about a medical matter. Any allergies or stress related illnesses should not be ignored. You need to take them seriously or they could get worse. It’s a good time to turn your attention to anything needing imaginative thought. Take a versatile approach to life and this will help you come up with quick solutions to problems.


You’ve seen other people achieve their goals and desires. The more successful a partner becomes, the more nervous you start to feel. Don’t worry that you will be left behind. Let others see that as well as being loving and generous you are also extremely talented. You can pursue your own interests independently. Even so, friends are included in some of your plans and an unusual social invitation will make you jump for joy. Just say ‘yes’ to whatever comes your way.


It could be because you’re looking to the long-term future but you feel there is something lacking in your life. You’re ready for a change. That’s why you feel uncomfortable staying in the one place or sticking to the same old routines for very long. If you don’t have the money to join friends on a group outing or future holiday they are planning, there will be cheaper alternatives. Focusing on making family relationships and friendships stronger won’t cost you a penny.


Don’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself even when you are working. This will help keep you bright and optimistic and people will enjoy your company. You’re feeling passionate, romantic and eager to please your family and friends. An unexpected travel offer will give you something to think about but don’t rush into anything. Social activities and volunteer work will give you a chance to display your creative side. The week ahead promises to be busy romantically.


A heavy workload could mean you will miss out on a small but important social event you had been looking forward to. Can you not delegate? You need to add more romance and pleasure to your life now. It’s important for you to be able to relax and have some fun with friends. Do your best to avoid getting into quarrels or you will only get aggravated and this in turn will slow down progress in other areas.


Everyday responsibilities are increasing. You had hoped to see them decrease so you could get out more. You’re ready for a change and you don’t want to continue with commitments that were starting to frustrate you last year. Life has become too restrictive and routine pressures rob you of your spontaneity. If you can’t remember the last time you relaxed and had some fun, now is a good time to take up a new hobby and re-connect with your inner child.


You’ve been able to spend more time with a partner or close friend and this has helped build bonds. A close and loving relationship is growing stronger by the day. You know now that whatever your plans, people who are close to you will support you come what may. Do you keep telling yourself you will quit smoking or you are going to cut down on drinking alcohol only you will do it tomorrow? Your stars suggest you should do it: today.


A friendship or romantic relationship is giving you little pleasure and a lot of pain. You may need to reconsider its value. Do you really want this to continue? This is a good time to think about your future and your relationships. After some emotional confusion your heart and head will be re-united. Neither rules the other and this is what will make it easier to communicate your needs. There’s a pent-up desire to have some fun.


Your thoughts centre on an exciting proposal recently put to you by someone you live with or a family friend. It may mean changing your schedule but this could be one of those offers you aren’t likely to want to refuse. Getting out and about will bring romance into your life if you are single. An unexpected text message or email will be the start of an exciting relationship. You will want to share your happiness with the world.