This year, it will be a major disappointment to many people that they cannot enjoy Christmas and New Year parties.

Back in the 1950’s it was an established tradition that local firms and organisations organised such parties for their employees or members, and their families.

Many of these were held after the festive period.

This week we show another selection of pictures of people enjoying themselves at some of these parties.

Check back next week for the captions to these pictures.

The captions for last week’s festive party pictures were:

Top: The mattress manufacturer W.S.Toms Ltd was well known for its Christmas parties for the children of their employees, Totteridge Ave, High Wycombe, 1956.

Middle left: Father Christmas made an appearance at the Christmas party arranged for the children of the staff of the High Wycombe Ambulance Brigade, which was held in the Ambulance Station in West End St, High Wycombe, 1956.

Middle right: This Christmas party was arranged by the villagers in the Pavilion, Radnage, 1956.

Bottom left: Here we see a young girl opening her present at the Christmas party of Wycombe Marsh Paper Mills Ltd at the British Legion Hall in the Marsh, 1956.

Bottom right: Children are at a Christmas party organised by the Union Baptist Sunday School in Easton St, c.1952.