THE Mayor of High Wycombe, Mazamal Hussain, handed out 700 Christmas gift bags over the festive period to elderly and vulnerable people.

With help from delivery drivers, local businesses and charities gift bags were filled and distributed to people who needed them.

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The Mayor said: “This has been a difficult year for all of us and due to the effects of COVID, I wanted to do something nice for the elderly and vulnerable who would likely have been lonely this Christmas.

“With the help of some local businesses, councillors and individuals, we managed to put together and deliver 700 individual gift bags containing a few treats such as toiletries, Christmas crackers and mince pies.

“A lot of volunteers made this possible as it was a lot of work from picking up food, going to superstores, packing, making lists of drops but it was well worth the effort.”

“We had lists from local organisations and active community members who suggested people for the gift bags.

“Then it was a case of getting together volunteers who gave up their time armed with a list to go and deliver.

"The Response was very positive.

“People were shocked but very grateful.

“At the same time we were handing out food supplies to those families struggling and in need so it was pretty much working around the clock.

“This took a lot of time and planning but I am glad that we were able to do our bit to help the community.”