Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, January 9.


You are eager to join in with family activities providing they don’t demand too much energy. It’s hard to admit you’re feeling lazy and you would be happy to enjoy a relaxed few days. If you are attending a sporting event, you will prefer to spectate from a distance rather than take part. You could meet someone with a quirky sense of humour while visiting a relative. It will feel good to relax in their company.


You can’t force yourself to be cheerful and sociable when there are important decisions to be made. Once you have a clear idea about your plans you will feel more relaxed and able to love, laugh and be happy. It’s unlikely the week will go by without you experiencing some kind of shake up to your routines. You will welcome this as you sense change will bring improvements to your life. A close friend admires your versatility.


You are ready to acknowledge how happy being with someone special makes you. You could do with more stability in your life now and making a joint long-term commitment will make your future look more secure. A colleague will reference the way you recently defended someone who needed support. Confronting someone in public seems to have taught them a valuable lesson. You’re willing to let bygones be bygones and relationships in the workplace are far more harmonious.


It’s hard to stay focused on one subject or to remain in one person’s company for very long. Someone close is finding your mood a little unnerving as it is unusual for you to be so restless. There are a number of interests that will attract your attention. Why not narrow this list to two or three things that really excite you? Focus on these and you won’t be spreading your energy so thinly that nothing will be achieved.


People can’t resist you when you turn on the charm. You can sense someone doesn’t like your ideas even though you would like their support. It won’t take long to persuade them to go along with your plans. A romantic partner is waiting to hear three little words you’ve not yet told them. You needed to be sure of your feelings before letting them into your heart. A card, gift or a single red rose will make them smile and bring happy tears to their eyes.


Some big changes are happening in an area of your life you share with another. Your relationship is strong enough to withstand any unexpected twists and turns. Friendships, on the other hand, can be up and down. Some people you are mixing with are friendly and helpful, others are touchy and awkward. Your social life might be a little unpredictable these days. You have a lot to get through. Remember there is always tomorrow for anything that does not get done today.


You trust your intuition and are strong in your opinions. Even so, you won’t try to force anyone to agree with you for you know they are equally as entitled to their views. Someone doesn’t share your philosophical approach to life and relationships. If they get on their high horse and refuse to show others respect, they will drive their friends away. Are you feeling creative? Be ready to put your innate skills to good use. You will get pleasure out of artistic, fun and outdoor pastimes.


A strong attraction is brewing. Why ignore it? If you both feel the same way, act on it and you will make this a week to remember. Stop worrying about what other people might say and follow your heart. If you’re considering some changes in your domestic situation, whether it’s moving to a new place, starting a family or breaking away from an overbearing relative, take the initiative now. Have faith in yourself and your ability to make the right decisions.


You aren’t in the mood to return to family and work routines that were starting to bore you last year. This would be a perfect time to make changes. Think about relocating if you’re unhappy where you are. Look for a job that sounds both challenging and exciting. Don’t let an older relative influence your decisions especially when it comes to your career and how you live your life. You need to make your own choices and they need to respect this.


Dissatisfaction with aspects of your job needs to be resolved.There is power in numbers. Get together with people who share your concerns and you will succeed in overturning an unfair rule or regulation. Join a group where you can act, talk or be creative. Are you single? You will discover someone who shares your pragmatic view of the world. You could also do with a change of scenery. Visiting a place that’s familiar that holds happy memories for you will help ease your tension.


Someone who has recently hurt you will apologise. You will forgive them and accept their apology but you won’t be able to forget what they have done. This is what makes the difference between you being smart and being foolish. You learn from your mistakes and you know not to put your trust in the wrong person again. Having the chance to put imagination into your work will make life more fun and enjoyable. A close friend has ideas that will stir up things in a positive way.


You’ve always been kind, sensitive and caring. You could forgive anyone for anything. Someone close will admit to something they did in the past that will take you by surprise. They’re expecting you to be angry but you will shrug your shoulders and tell them to put it behind them. If you’re single and fancy someone, turn on your charm. They may be playing hard to get but by the end of the week you will be going out together.