A man has been arrested for several driving offences after being involved in a car chase with police in Aylesbury.

On New Year’s Eve, the man was caught by an unmarked police car after he was allegedly undertaking in a bus lane in the opposite direction.

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The police also discovered that the driver, reportedly, had no insurance or licence.

After the driver was spotted by the police, he allegedly continued to drive on as he was seen ‘going the wrong way around roundabouts,’ according to Thames Valley Police Aylesbury Vale's Facebook page.

He then reportedly drove into a dead end in a supermarket car park, where officers decided to ram the car to avoid him from escaping.

The man has seen been arrested and charged with failing to stop for police, driving with no insurance, and dangerous driving.

He will appear in court at a later date.

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A spokesperson from Thames Valley Police Aylesbury Vale said: “The vehicle was #seized under section 165 of the road traffic act.

"[But] the police car will need some minor repairs.”