‘TERRIFIED’ people across the county are pleading with the council to keep schools closed and encourage tuition at home to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Parents and residents implored Buckinghamshire Council to delay the reopening of primary schools in the Tier 4 area this week, following doubts raised by other local authorities.

One person said it was “ludicrous” to allow primary school age children to return to their classrooms this week – “especially after the council declared a major incident” across the county on December 30.

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Council leader Cllr Martin Tett said the measure was necessary because he and health service experts fear local health and social care services could be ‘overwhelmed’ following a ‘rapid rise’ in coronavirus cases.

Now, other authorities including Kent County Council, Brighton and Hove City Council and others have supported a delay in reopening primary schools, with some advising a switch to remote learning.

There have also been fears over truancy fines being issued to families who keep their children at home, which Southampton’s council has vowed not to apply. Buckinghamshire Council has yet to comment on this matter.

While the Department for Education (DfE) said closures should be a “last resort”, the National Education Union has called for tuition to be moved online for the first two weeks of term.

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“Bucks Council can’t possibly keep telling us about the healthcare crisis in the county and the Covid rates but yet expect primary schools to open on Tuesday,” wrote someone on social media. “Let parents home school if they are able. No fines. At least the next couple of weeks while hospitals under so much pressure.”

“Come on Bucks, this makes such sense. If you declare a ‘major incident’ due to Covid, by opening schools you are contributing towards the spread,” wrote someone else.

“Do not reopen primary schools until staff are vaccinated, and you have beds available to treat the very sick. Can’t have it both ways.”

“Challenge the DfE on schools opening. London boroughs did and won,” wrote one person. “At least give parents the option to withdraw; some of us have very vulnerable family we can’t altogether avoid contact with for care reasons and the risks are terrifying.”

“It’s ludicrous that schools are due to reopen on Tuesday,” wrote another Twitter user. “The situation is serious in Bucks, please don’t send the children back to school. Teachers and their families are at risk if you do so.”

“Please delay schools reopening if you truly want your citizens to #StaySafe,” wrote another. “Or give us the choice not to send them, without fear of penalty. I would probably die if I caught #COVID19.”

“Reduce transmission in the community by closing primary schools,” wrote someone else. “At the very least offer parents the option to home school if they can, to reduce class sizes.”

While another person tweeted: “Close playgrounds as there are so many families in them.”

The litany of requests was in response a public safety notice published by the council on Twitter, on January 2, urging people to “stay at home” due to increased local hospital admissions.

Buckinghamshire Council has been approached for comment.

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