Wycombe Wanderers have opened up Adams Park to a number of practices under the Bucks Primary Care Network Arc to start the vaccination process.

There has been mixed reaction to the annoucement.

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Many people have praised the idea whilst some have raised issues with the practicality of using the football ground.

With there being no bus route to Adams Park, apart from on match days, some wondered how elderly people would get to the ground with no means of transport.

One Facebook user said: “Penn and Beaconsfield are also at Adams Park I had an email today.

“I do hope they are helping the elderly with no means of transport.”

Someone else suggested: “This is all very well, but not all over 80’s can drive or walk that distance.”

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However, many saw it as good news as people praised The Chairboys for opening the ground.

Another Facebook user said: “Excellent use of the facility well done.”

Whilst others were offering to volunteer their to help the operation.

A different Facebook user said: “Well done Wycombe Wanderers.

“I would volunteer for doing a shift.”

It is estimated that by the middle of February everyone in the top four priority groups will be vaccinated in the UK.