BROKEN parking meters, possibly impacted by recent flooding, have prompted questions about what should have been done to avoid disruption to users.

A pair of “new” parking machines in a Buckingham car park which are currently ‘out of order’ has prompted one member of the public to ask why they were built in the floodplain – and if more novel methods should have been used.

Parts of north Buckinghamshire flooded severely over December 23 and 24, and saw homes inundated and people stranded in cars.

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It is understood heavy rainfall and ‘rapidly rising’ levels of the River Great Ouse precipitated much of the flooding.

Bucks Free Press:

The faulty meters are believed to be in the Cornwalls Meadow car park, between the A422 and the river.

They were reported to Buckinghamshire Council via Twitter, on Thursday, January 7.

Cabinet member for planning and enforcement, Cllr Warren Whyte, drew colleague Cllr David Martin into the matter because he is responsible for logistics.

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“At least two of the new meters in Buckingham are kaput,” tweeted the resident.

“Guessing being sat in flood water didn’t help,” replied Cllr Whyte. “Hopefully on @BucksCouncil radar for more drying out? @CllrDavidMartin.”

“Does suggest poor site survey before installation,” the resident replied. “Not unusual to flood here.”

“I had assumed they were the existing positions,” replied Cllr Whyte, “And of course the whole car park is in the floodplain, so not sure where else they could go apart from by Waitrose – which I assume is the remaining working one?”

“That one was being worked on,” the resident replied. “Perhaps a type that sat on a post would have been more appropriate?”

In response, the council wrote: “This has been escalated to our parking service who will look into the matter accordingly.”

Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Logistics, David Martin said: “The damaged parking meters, in Cornwalls Meadow car park, have been assessed and are awaiting repairs. We are looking at what preventative measures we can put into place to protect the machines from this type of damage in the future.” 

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