DRIVERS who speed through a Buckinghamshire village are putting at risk the lives of its pedestrians, cyclists, other road users – and alpacas.

Petitioners campaigning to reduce the speed limit through an area of Coleshill say they are concerned about the safety of everyone else sharing the road – not least their South American camelid population.

Around 200 people have signed an online petition submitted to Buckinghamshire Council, hoping to bring down the speed limit along Magpie Lane from 40mph to 30mph.

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Speed limits throughout Coleshill were largely adjusted to a 30-limit in 2006, except along most of Magpie Lane.

Now, petitioners say they want to “send a clear message to drivers” – the speed limit is there for a reason and “it is not safe to drive at higher speeds”.

Bucks Free Press:

Among their list of living things at risk from reckless road use, and second to their human population, are alpacas.

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“We want the road to be safer for villagers, alpacas, horses, walkers, cyclists and drivers by reducing the speed limit to 30mph throughout all of Magpie Lane,” the petition reads.

Adding: “This petition asks villagers to support this change and make our village safer.”

Businesses with an interest in alpacas local to Coleshill include Latton Alpacas, in Amersham, and Abbotts View Alpacas, in Aylesbury.

The petition will close on, Tuesday, February 2.

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