Football club, Amersham Town FC have rebuilt part of their clubhouse using funds from the HS2 Community and Environment Fund as well as the Football Stadia Improvement Fund.
The HS2 Community and Environment Fund is a programme that allows communities that have been disrupted by construction to apply for funding for projects.
The voluntary and community sectors are the main targets that are eligible for the funding and applications can be made through the HS2 fund’s website.
The Football Stadia Improvement Fund is an organisation that offers grants and loans to lower-level football clubs to develop their facilities.
Amersham Town FC has been able to use the various funding by adding a modern, brick-built, section with a paved outside patio and additional facilities.
Once football is able to restart when the lockdown restrictions do ease the clubhouse will open for all home games, with the appropriate Covid safeguards. 
Members of the public will also be able to hire the clubhouse to host events.
Chairman Simon Damery said: “As a fully amateur club we are not wealthy and could not have raised all the capital on our own.
“We are therefore extremely grateful to the Football Stadia Improvement Fund and to the HS2 Community and Environment Fund, administered by Groundwork UK, for their help. 
“As a result of their support, we have a facility which will be an asset not only to the club but also to the community of Amersham.
“The old wooden extension was originally a classroom which was moved to the club in 1968 and was probably close to one hundred years old. 
“It was outdated and increasingly difficult to heat and maintain. 
“As a result, we felt that we had to replace it and we took the opportunity to incorporate new toilets, including a toilet for the disabled, add a kit and laundry room and re-fashion the bar area.”
Aaron Overy, Chairman of Kings Church FC which runs the local teams for youngsters, echoed Simon’s sentiments.
He said: “We have been developing close links with Amersham Town and are delighted to see the new build.
“It is important that, in a town such as Amersham, there is a senior club with good facilities which local groups such as ourselves can use and a team to which our players can aspire as they grow older.”