A mum has praised a High Wycombe school for its “high quality virtual learning” after parents were asked to report schools to Ofsted if remote lessons were deemed to be poor during the third national lockdown.

Natalie Lateu-Robinson said she wants to thank teachers and staff at Wycombe High School, which her daughter attends, after education secretary Gavin Williamson provoked anger by suggesting parents should report schools to Ofsted if they felt the online learning provided was not good enough.

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Ms Lateu-Robinson said: “In contrast to Mr Williamson’s suggestion that we report poor quality online learning for our children, I would like to commend and express my huge gratitude to the teachers and staff at my daughter’s school, Wycombe High School.

“The head teacher and staff at the school have worked tirelessly to successfully implement high quality virtual learning for almost a year now.

“They have kept parents informed of latest guidelines/information within hours of government announcements, have orchestrated online exams, issued reports, provided exceptional pastoral care, and held virtual concerts/exhibitions/activities in addition to delivering as high quality an education as feasibly possible during a global pandemic.

“I should imagine that for many of these members of staff this is probably being done simultaneously with looking after/homeschooling their own children.

“It makes me very sad to think that rather than applaud the outstanding commitment and achievements of our teachers during unprecedented times, our education secretary continues to devalue their worth and professionalism.

“I am sure I am not alone in believing that all our teachers, and undoubtedly those at Wycombe High School, have gone above and beyond to adapt and deliver the very best possible education for our children.

“Without them, most of us couldn’t continue to perform our own jobs; they are our heroes.”

It comes after Mr Williamson told the House of Commons last week that all state schools in England must provide children with “high-quality remote education”, which includes between three and five hours of teaching for pupils at home during lockdown.

He added if parents are unhappy, they should complain to the head teacher and the watchdog, prompting a backlash from teachers and school heads.