The Bucks Free Press has launched a new online community to share memories of the area.

In our new Facebook group, We Grew Up in Wycombe, we’ll be delving into the archives – both recent and older – to bring you memories of what it was like growing up and living here through the years; whether that be the places we knew and loved, the locations and landmarks that have changed beyond recognition through the decades or the people that make our towns and villages special (that’s you, our readers).

It is a place to share collective memories of everything from your childhood and school days through to the places you worked, played, partied and relaxed during your down time.

We will be covering everything you love and loved about where you live as we look at how things have changed and the people we share our towns and villages with – whether that be pubs and clubs, supermarkets and shopping, schools and colleges, roads and railway stations, landmarks and famous sites, festivals and events, Christmas and other special times of the year, theatres and cinemas, parks and leisure centres or the ‘joys’ of our first ever job.

As well as bringing you collections of people, places and things you might remember, we will be reaching out you to share memories of these – and to contribute if you have pictures or information about any of these.

If you grew up in Wycombe (the Wycombe district, so not just High Wycombe but also the surrounding areas), we hope you will join us and get involved in the project and let us know what memories from your glory days you want to see in the group.

To join, search 'We Grew up in Wycombe' on Facebook or go to