Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, January 16.


A recent argument or small upsets have built up in your mind. Thoughts go round in circles and this can take a toll on your physical health. You might need to step away from people you see every day until you sort out how you really feel. Expect your plans to take time and effort and guard against becoming overly ambitious or you could lose interest or be distracted by other ideas. You don’t want all the hard work you’re putting in now to come to nothing.


Tension in a close relationship is getting you down. This can be traced back to a disagreement over your choice of friends or activities. Someone in the family does not approve of your recent decisions or your partner is trying to restrict your movement. You just want to get on without having to explain your choices to anyone. You want to keep moving and to enjoy new experiences. Go with what feels right for you.


You sense a change in a close relationship. You and a friend or lover are drifting apart. Your long-term plans are very different from each other’s and you can’t see how you can manage to remain together. It might be time to break off this alliance. Take a practical point of view when planning for the future. Give your family plenty notice if you want to make changes in a regular schedule. They’ll be grateful for the warning.


You’ve always been intuitive and this is what makes you so alert to the needs and feelings of your partner. If you know someone is worried about the future, rather than getting defensive, make an effort to appease their fears. Try a short, practice stint first, before deciding whether you are ready for new experiences. You don’t know what is going to happen and to have a safety strategy seems like a sensible idea.


Don’t ignore a relative just because you aren’t happy with what they want or what they say. You may not agree all the time but if you’re willing to talk, you will find a way to resolve contentious issues. Be honest about your feelings. A friend’s spontaneous offer will have you altering social plans for the better. You may not be meeting up with a lot of people but it will be fun to spend time with others who are on your wavelength.


You’re in such a sensitive and giving mood that you will find it easy to reach agreements. Happiness in love and friendship has a lot to do with the amount of effort you are putting into your relationships. Your main focus is on pleasing people and positive developments will give you a renewed sense of contentment. You’re ready to work on your personal development as many different interests capture your imagination. Education is crucial to success.


You will enjoy team activities you can share with friends whose company you always enjoy. You’re in the mood to have fun and eager to jump into new group events while continuing to support safety measures. Are you single? Cupid has a dart aimed straight at your heart. If you are already in a committed relationship, romance will be dreamy and exciting. If there is anything you are uncertain about or confused over, there is someone who is close to you who will offer useful guidance.


Someone will make excuses for a mistake they made. You feel they should have been more careful but you are willing to listen to them and you will give them the benefit of the doubt. Even so, you will be careful about what you trust them with in the future. You may need to organise your life around new commitments. If you leave others to arrange themselves around you especially if you have children, problems could result.


You are finding it easier to express your feelings to someone you know you can trust. You are getting on so well with each other and this makes you look forward to plans you are making together. Are you single? Turning a friendship into romance feels comfortable. The success rate of new ideas and experiments is on the up and if these relate to money, your earning ability is also increasing. You have a lot to feel happy about.


You’re still a little nervous about mixing with too many people. You should be enjoying yourself and joining friends who are planning fun activities and yet you’re holding back. Once you are certain there is no risk in the plans you are making, you will feel more able to relax. You need to decide how much to give and how much to take in a relationship that’s out of balance. If you’ve been doing too much for someone, learn how to tell them ‘no’.


Something you have longed for will soon be yours. This will give you cause for a celebration. Taking a chance on romance or accepting an exciting offer will be the best decision you make this month. Even though something you decide on makes perfect sense to you, a relative might suggest you’re making a mistake. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and get on with it, no matter what other people have to say.


Someone is struggling to cope. You have skills in this area and you won’t hesitate to offer your help. A professional problem at the very start of the week will be fixed in no time. You will do a good job of helping everyone keep on top of everything. Sharing secrets and discussing plans for the future will bring you and someone special closer together. You are feeling loved and optimistic about what the months ahead might bring.