Late last year, several old aerial photographs of Marlow proved very popular in this column: they were the work of the late Malcolm McIntyre-Ure.

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Here’s another interesting view, one I have not printed before as I have never discovered who took it: too early to be one of Malcolm’s, and also unlikely to be by Aerofilms, who always included their logo.Bucks Free Press:

Marlow in the 1960s 

It dates from the mid/late 1950s and was taken over Oak Tree Road looking south to the Football Club and onto some wide open spaces, now mostly built over.

1: Maple Rise, corner of Little Marlow Road. Although the site is just off camera the Esso Garage had yet to be built. Back then petrol in Marlow was available at Wellicome’s, Platts or Curralls.

2: The area known as Marlow Fields, later to be developed as Foxes Piece.

3: The allotments.

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4: Morris’ Field with the Liston Hall alongside. In former life the latter had been a Methodist Chapel but was purchased for town use by Forbes and Nesta Liston, initially as Marlow’s Library but, around the date of this picture, became the Community Centre.

5: Star Meadow, bordering onto the Wycombe Road. This was then part of The Rookery Estate, and later to become Spring Gardens and Herons Place.

6: The Rookery Estate, residence of the Wright family.

7: Marlow Football Club, the Alfred Davis Ground. The unique grandstand dated from the early 1930s, but on the far side the covered accommodation for standing spectators was a new addition, partly financed by Wethered’s Brewery. Grass banks behind both goals.

8: The Club’s training area which was often let out to fairgrounds and travelling shows. Now filled by Trinity Court. On the near side is the Band Hall, later rebuilt to become headquarters of the Sea Cadets.

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9: The Cemetery, not as densely populated as today.

10: Oak Tree Avenue, with the diagonal footpath leading right down to Wethered Road.

11: Oak Tree Road with South View Road half way along.

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