High Wycombe saw the arrival of e-scooters, by Zipp Mobility, late last year and residents of the town already have a split opinion on them.

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There are over 100 e-scooters dotted around High Wycombe all equipped with lights, front suspension, airless tyres, and anti-viral hand grips that are sanitised by technicians.

Rental costs for the e-scooters are a £1 unlock fee and a charge of 15p per minute.

The scooters must be booked and paid for via the Zipp Mobility app.

Users need to be over 16 and at least hold a provisional driving license with an ID check taking place before a rider can hire a scooter.

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However, residents are worried that sanitation is not being done regularly enough and that people under the age of 16 are hiring them.

One person on Facebook said: “I don't think they are a great idea whilst in the middle of a pandemic, potentially loads of people touching them and them not being cleaned isn't a great idea so bad timing.

Another person added: “Are they regularly sanitised?

“Seems a perfect opportunity to spread a virus in a pandemic.

“In normal circumstances, they are a great idea.”

Someone else said: “My 72-year-old father was run over on the pavement by a young girl on one.

“Parents are clearly hiring and letting their kids use them.

“Despite his injuries and the fact it was being misused on the pavement by a child, there is little the police can do.”

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One person also said: “It’s a great idea in theory but there are too many people who are obviously not the required age of 16 riding them and people riding them on the pavement.”

However many people praised the scooters for the practicality and enjoyment they bring.

A customer said on Facebook: “I love them.

“I live in Wycombe but around a 20 minute walk from the centre.

“Tonight I ordered a meal from Lata Lata, so hiring one was perfect to collect it rather than drive and find somewhere to park.”

Another added: “They're fun!

“Looking forward to taking a few out with friends.”