A gym in Marlow has had the police knock on their door three times after residents believed they were breaking lockdown rules.

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The owner of Genesis Gym Marlow took to Facebook to tell people that they are following guidelines and the police have not been taking action.

He reassured members of the public that they are not “opening and running as normal” and was “shocked” that people would think they are.

The gym is running online classes and one-to-one outdoor sessions.

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As well as not wanting to waste police time the owner says he has always put community health first and would not want to endanger the public.

The statement read: “Sadly we’ve had three visits from the police recently, due to the ‘multiple calls’ the police have received about us being open.

“We have followed every single bit of guidance to the letter throughout every lockdown, absolutely without fail.

“When the police showed up last night, they were greeted by one of our coaches who was exercising, socially distant, one to one only, with a customer outside in the cold and dark.

“They were also able to see just myself, in a 3,000sq foot Martial Arts area, on my own, training our members on zoom.

“The police apologised and confirmed that we are doing nothing wrong.

“All of this is totally within the guidelines, and if the guidelines change then so will we to ensure that everyone stays safe.

“I’m shocked that someone would think that we’d just be opening and running as normal.

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“Apparently the multiple calls were made because our lights were on.

“I cannot train people on Zoom calls in the dark, so sadly we have to have the lights on during those times, we cannot avoid this.

“I am concerned that the police will keep receiving calls unless I can reach the right people with this message.

“We are very much closed, and a quick look at our social media, or even by looking through our windows would easily show that.

“This has been extremely difficult on the business and staff, not all of which have made it through this.

“I’m very keen to not waste further police time with calls because our lights are on, so I hope this reaches the right people.

“If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me, or any member of our coaching team directly at any time. I am happy to give my number out to anyone who has any concerns whatsoever. This way I hope we can avoid any further waste of police resources.

“I will always put the community health and safety first, that’s exactly what we do.”