An online 'do it yourself' relationship course set up by Taplow based coach Juliette Smith is almost certainly the first in the country.

Juliette, who has been a coach for 20 years, decided to make the move to help couples who “find it hard to talk to a stranger about their problems,” as well as those who have been unable to see her because of Covid restrictions.

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Juliette, 56, was inspired to be a counsellor when her own marriage fell apart.

She said: "Finding good support was challenging.   When we went to counsellors, I kept thinking they were not asking the right questions. I felt they should be asking focused, positive, constructive questions rather than going over what had already happened."

Juliette had, by then, been director of two charities and worked as cabin crew for BA.

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She switched to executive coaching 20 years ago and has focused on relationship coaching for the past ten years.  Juliette studied in America where she feels people are more open and there is less of a stigma attached to seeing a coach or counsellor. 

She is passionate about encouraging people here to feel just as comfortable seeking help and through videos and exercises hopes to use her online course to coach couples who would otherwise not involve a third party.

She said: "“In my experience, when couples have issues one partner tends to be more open and keener to talk. The other, who may find communication difficult, avoids dealing with the problem. This course teaches couples how to bridge that gap and helps them understand that resolving issues can be much easier than they think.”

You can find Juliette on her website: