A woman has described seeing a car flip over on to its roof shortly before a young man died after suffering a stab wound.

Prosecutors allege that Nathan Braim, 20, of Broadwaters Avenue, Thame, and Benjamin Eyles, 19, of Monks Hollow, Marlow Bottom, killed Joshua Harling, from Oxford, on the night of July 22 last year – which they both deny.

Accountant Mr Harling was found in his crashed car on Chinnor Road, Thame, but could not be saved.

Yesterday, witness Hannah Bogard took to the stand at Oxford Crown Court where she described Mr Harling's car crash after he had allegedly been involved in a fight.

She was in a relative's house on Chinnor Road, trying to connect to a video call in one of the bedrooms when she saw a 'flash of colour' right outside the window.

She said: "It was going so quickly and I was also concentrating on the computer. It looked as though the car went up against a parked car on the other side of the road and flipped."

Ms Bogard said the car landed diagonally across the road right outside the house.

She added: "As soon as the car crashed I screamed at my mum to call an ambulance."

Mr Harling was the driver of the car and the passenger was a 15-year-old boy, a friend of Mr Harling who had appeared in court as a witness last week.

Ms Bogard told the court that the boy 'was in a state of shock' as he climbed out of the upside down car and brushed glass off himself.

She said she then 'ran' down the stairs to see him and described him as having blood 'all over his clothes', a bloody nose, scrapes up his arm and that he pulled two teeth out of his mouth in front of her.

The witness told the jury that shortly after, Ms Bogard's mother's two neighbours - a nurse and doctor - approached the scene and told Mr Harling in the car not to move as he was panicking.

Ms Bogard added: "I presumed he was trying to get out of the car. My focus was on the passenger."

The court heard that the boy tried to 'get away' but that he 'didn't get very far'. Ms Bogard said that as he was in shock, she told him to 'calm down' and that he needed to be checked by a paramedic.

Ms Bogard said that when the neighbour came over, he asked the boy what injuries Mr Harling had and the boy replied, 'he's been stabbed'.

She told the jury that she 'tried to get basic information out of' the boy, such as his name, age and where he lives.

She said he told her his name was Ben and that he was 12 years old, but when she overheard him talking to the police he used a different name and age.

She said: "I thought Ben was lying. He said he was confused from the crash. He didn't want to tell the police his address." She also told the court that the boy lied to the police about drugs as he told her before that he smoked cannabis that day.

Dr Matthew Lyle, who conducted the post-mortem on Mr Harling, said from the stab wound, it was ‘certainly possible the blade was longer than 10 centimetres’.

The trial continues from 10.15am today.