A prominent member of the Muslim community in Aylesbury has died.

Haji Abdul Khaliq, who is regarded as one of the 'founding fathers' in getting the town its first mosque on Havelock Street, passed away at the start of the month in Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Mr Khaliq has been described by his peers as ‘likeable’ and ‘respected’ with Zahid Khan, who is the chairman of the mosque, paying tribute to one of the biggest figures of the Muslim community within the town.

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Due to his religious commitments, he inspired others to form several other Islamic-based groups in Aylesbury.

Bucks Free Press: Aylesbury Mosque is on Havelock Street Aylesbury Mosque is on Havelock Street

At the time of his passing, Mr Khaliq was in his 70s. 

Mr Khan said: “He was such a likeable person and people got on with him really well.

“If anyone had any issues, he would help.

“There was only one small mosque we had before we moved to Havelock Street which is where we are today, and he played a big part in helping us move.

“I think he will be greatly missed because he was very friendly with the old MP, Mr Lidington, and he had good connections with the community.

“Back then, the English language wasn’t really known within the community, so a lot of people didn’t speak it – not even basic English, so he would go out of his way to help those people.”

Following his passing, Aylesbury Mosque also paid tribute to Mr Khaliq.

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In a Facebook post, they said: “Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

“Haji Abdul Khaliq sahib has passed away.

“Haji Sahib was the driving force behind the construction of the Aylesbury Masjid.

“In recent years we have been fortunate to have had sight of historical documents showing the massive contribution that Haji Sahib made.

“He was a pioneer in our community.

"Always at hand to help anyone and everyone.

“We were are all very fortunate to have had such an incredible individual in our community.

“May Allah bless his soul.

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Mr Khan continued: “ He was very much respected because he participated in many community events, he helped out a lot and when it came to the mosque, he was very much involved to where are today.

“He was very likeable, he will always did stuff for you, he was always smiling and he was a very good all-round guy.”

The cause of his death has not been disclosed.