Firefighters were called out to Milton Keynes in two separate incidents this week.

A laundry bin in a flat caught fire on Monday (January 18) in Ravensbourne Place, Springfield, at around 8.31pm.

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A fire crew from Broughton was set to the scene, but the fire was out on arrival. They used a thermal imaging camera, which allows users to see and measure temperature differences accurately and from a safe distance.

Bucks Free Press:

They are useful for identifying heat sources in very dark or otherwise obscured places, and convert heat radiation of objects and people into a visible image, while allowing firefighters to see through smoke and monitor a fire’s spread.

Crews from West Ashland were then called out to Enders Court, Medbourne, just after 1am today (Tuesday) to reports of smoke in a flat caused by unattended cooking.

Bucks Free Press:

Firefighters helped a woman out of the property, used a fan and a thermal imaging camera, fitted smoke detectors and gave advice.