An Aylesbury-based doctor has revealed that ‘there's nothing fake about Covid’ as the death rate continues to rise.

Dr Mitra Shahidi, who is a consultant respiratory physician at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, was seen expressing her dismay at those who continue to deny that the virus is real in a YouTube video that was published on January 14.

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Nationally, 1,610 people died on January 19 from issues related to the virus when the previous day [January 18], there were 599 deaths.

Since the pandemic started in February last year, 91,470 people have lost their lives due to Covid.

The doctor said: “Covid is very real, there is nothing fake about Covid at all.

“This time, it is much busier, patients are much sicker, and staff are much more tired so everyone is reaching the ends of their reserve.

“So, to hear that people think that this is a hoax is so demoralising…we don’t really need that.”

Bucks Free Press: Stoke Mandeville Hospital is in Aylesbury Stoke Mandeville Hospital is in Aylesbury

The UK are currently in the middle of its third lockdown which is due to end in February, on the basis that the new strand is under control and that the number of daily cases and deaths have fallen.

The first lockdown lasted from March to June 2020 before it was lifted in the summer as the case and death rates dropped significantly.

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Businesses were able to trade again and people were allowed to socialise under new and strict guidelines, but as lockdown eased, several anti-Covid protests took place in the autumn.

Most notably in London’s Trafalgar Square, hundreds of people attended the rallies which focused on the virus being ‘fake’ ‘a hoax’ or ‘planned’, with some questioning if the virus is even real.

Despite that, thousands of NHS workers have since risked their lives to help those who have got the illness, with Dr Shahidi urging those to follow the guidelines.

She continued: “It’s a horrible illness.

“We have got hundreds of patients and 50 per cent of our patients are now Covid patients.

“We are struggling with staff numbers because our staff themselves are going down with Covid, so this is very real.

“If we’re seeing empty car parks, it’s because these people are coming in by ambulance.

“The normal patients that we would see for outpatient appointments and operations…we cannot see those patients as we don’t have the capacity to see those patients.

“We have had to postpone and delay many, many operations and many, many outpatient appointments – this is why our car parks are empty.

“Many people don’t suffer major problems but the people who end up in hospital are very, very ill so you need to follow the lockdown rules.

“Not bend them - follow them to the tee.

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“It is desperately sad watching these people fighting for every breath, longing to see their relatives, not sure if they will ever see them again.

“It is quite frightening for them and for us watching them.”

If you are feeling unwell and are worried that you could have the illness, take a test or call 111.

For emergencies, call 999.

To watch the YouTube video, click here.