A GARDEN you can ‘hear, smell, touch and taste’ could be coming to High Wycombe.

A so-called “sensory garden” could be making its way to The Rye this spring, provided the necessary funding can be acquired and the lockdown eases.

The initiative is one of a number being considered by the High Wycombe Community Board in conjunction with Chiltern Rangers and others.

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Details are still at “embryonic stage” but will involve various community leaders to make it happen, as well as local schools and volunteers.

Bucks Free Press: PICTURED: The old boat house cafe INSET: How the new cafe might lookPICTURED: The old boat house cafe INSET: How the new cafe might look

It is also understood the new feature could be installed near the new boat house café.

“It came out of discussions with the Community Board,” said John Shaw of Chiltern Rangers. “And it’s about the possibility of creating a new sensory and pollinator-friendly bit of garden near the new café once that’s open.

“And potentially some community artwork there with Dan Wilson of Decreate Artworks to really help bring that new area to life.

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“It’s gone on ice a little bit because of the lockdown.

“[But] the sensory garden would be something visually appealing, sensory in terms of smell, taste i.e. a herb garden and things like that, and possibly something audial like wind chimes.

“It’s very much at embryonic stage but ideally it would be done in raised beds so those people…who have mobility issues can also be involved in building it.

“Realistically we’d be looking at doing something this spring.”

Mr Shaw said funding for the project could come from the Community Board, however he could not specify how much the new sensory garden might cost.

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