Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, January 23.


You’re seriously thinking about committing to a relationship with someone who is as loving as they are loyal. Now is a good time to give in to the temptation to reveal your deepest feelings. Go with the mood of the moment. You need to find a way to relax. You might do this by arranging your schedule so there’s time for work and a time for play. If you’re finding it hard to keep on top of your responsibilities, don’t feel ashamed to accept help.


There is a strong impulse to share a secret you have never revealed to anyone. You’re aware of the emotional dynamics of this situation. It may be that you will be bringing up a matter that puts someone else in a negative light. Even so, if you need to talk, getting it all out can be therapeutic. Laughter will remind you that there’s more to life than work, worries and responsibility. Spending time with the right person will help you forget life challenges, even if just temporarily.


You’re finding it hard to hold back from sending a text or email to someone who is on your mind. You won’t appear desperate if you contact them. You need to talk and once you do, there is so much you will have to say to each other. You’re working hard to make money or to further a special ambition. If you are going through a period of financial hardship or if there is a lack of ready cash, the situation might be frustrating now but it will improve.


An offer or long-term proposition will bear out someone’s feelings for you. Now you have to decide how you feel about them. You could be in something of a quandary if a new relationship has taken off very quickly. If you aren’t ready yet to make a serious commitment, be honest about it. You will tend to spend without thinking but this is not a good idea. When it comes to parting with your cash, you should only do so after careful consideration.


A colleague is talking too much about their personal life. You aren’t interested in their intimate secrets and will tell them so. Gossip someone is spreading is pointless and you intend to nip some rumours in the bud. If someone presents you with an idea on how to make more money, think it through before investing. Read the small print before signing contracts and documents. You don’t want to fall for a get rich quick scheme with no financial basis that has no sound financial basis.


It isn’t easy to admit it but you have been wrong in your attitude, views or behaviour. It takes courage to apologise but you will back down in an argument when someone proves you wrong. Others will respect your honesty. Because of the challenges ahead, you’re expecting the days to be long and difficult. This is an important time for you and you intend to do a good job of whatever you take on. You should feel proud of your efforts.


You’re starting to realise there’s a big gap in values between you and a new partner or friend. Talk this over. Together you will be able to decide whether this gap is so wide you will never agree on certain important issues. Alternatively, you may find a way to compromise. Business activities are highly fortunate now. It doesn’t matter if firm plans aren’t yet in place or things haven’t been fully discussed with those who matter, the important thing is to take the initiative.


People need to know where they stand with you. Being sincere about your feelings and truthful about your hopes lets others know what you are thinking and planning. If anyone can help you achieve a cherished goal, they need to be aware of what you are aiming for. A colleague or business partner has so much to celebrate you feel lost in their shadow. You have many strengths; build on these now. People will be more respectful towards you when you show a confident face to the world.


A partnership faces a number of challenges. You aren’t in tune with one another but if you work on it, there will be greater harmony. Being able to laugh with each other when life gets difficult will be a big help. Something has changed since you last visited a place you had been looking forward to returning to. It isn’t the same this time. Either the people won’t be as friendly or the surroundings aren’t as welcoming.


Between work, family and other commitments you don’t seem to have any time left over for yourself let alone anyone else. Romance in your life is conspicuous by its absence. Are you in a committed relationship? Relationships need to be treated tenderly and your partner is feeling neglected. Romance won’t happen automatically. You have to make the effort. Insist on having some time away from all the pressure so you can work on your love life and be creative.


You don’t want people to feel as if you don’t care but you need to make personal plans a priority. You’re taking a practical view to your responsibilities and that means you may have to pull out of family or social plans to fulfil certain obligations. You need an answer to something from a senior colleague but they are sitting on the fence. Be patient as it will take a few days for them to make up their mind.


A new friend or neighbour is too expressive, too quick to reveal their feelings and too open with you. It makes you uncomfortable to hear all their secrets and you’re suspicious that many things they tell you are grossly exaggerated. You sense they want you to share your innermost thoughts but you will keep these to yourself. There is a lot of pride in the work that you do. You are working hard and pushing yourself to your limits. It will be worth it for the reward.