PCSOs have been patrolling a specific area of Aylesbury following several reports of anti-social behaviour.

Several officers were out on the streets of Fairford Leys in the evening of Thursday, January 21 as well as Friday, January 22.

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However, despite the increase of PCSOs, residents are still expressing their concerns due to a rise of anti-social behaviour within the area.

In a Facebook post that was published by Thames Valley Police Aylesbury Vale on January 22, residents in Fairford Leys are being urged to supply them with footage of the culprits.

They said: “The West Neighbourhood Team are stepping up their patrols following on from concerns you have raised regarding anti-social behaviour in Fairford Leys.

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“We understand the effect #ASB has on a community and we want you to help us identify the offenders.

“If you have any CCTV or ring doorbell footage of who these individuals are please can you drop the West Team an email on aylesburywestnhpt@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk and we will get back to you with what you can do to help us, help you.”