CALLS have sounded for “monster” potholes along two main roads to be fixed after damages costing hundreds of pounds were done to a vehicle.

Potholes along the A413 and the A418 left one driver “searching behind the sofa” for cash after damages to their vehicle cost them more than £400, they said.

The person challenged Buckinghamshire Council and Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) to rectify the problem.

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They claim two trips on January 23 and 24 resulted in two new tyres, wheel weights and a wheel realignment being necessary owing to ruptures in the road.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: The route between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard (A418) 

The driver, who goes by the Twitter handle @Tomrecord2, said the sound when riding through the potholes was like their wheel had ‘fallen off’.

They said the route between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard (A418) had “monsters” along it.

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“@BucksCouncil @tfbalerts @fixmystreet Can you fix this please? It just cost me £419 which means I’m searching behind the sofa for the rest of the month,” they wrote.

“Two tyres, wheel alignment, wheel weights. If you want some good holes, A418 Leighton Buzzard to Aylesbury. Monsters along there.

“I hit a monster hole last night (Jan 23) in the dark on the A418, sounded like my wheel fell off.

“Going to get petrol this morning I hit one [on the A413] which I photographed and immediately my pressure sensor came on. So, looks like that one finished the tyres off.”

In response, A TfB spokesperson said: "The A418, between Aylesbury and the county boundary, is inspected monthly and several defects were repaired last week.

"Our crews will carry out a follow up inspection tomorrow on Jan 26 and, if more defects have appeared, the team will raise works orders as necessary.

"Unfortunately, due to the extreme variation in weather and temperature Buckinghamshire has experienced recently, the roads will see an increase in potholes.

"This is caused by traffic use over time creating cracks in the road, then the wet weather causes water to seep into the cracks which then freezes when the temperature drops and expands making the cracks bigger.

"Vehicle movement over these frozen defects can then cause them to collapse and form a pothole.

"As well as the cold weather, the recent storms caused an increase in floodwater on the carriageway, this can also contribute towards an increased rapid deterioration of large areas of road surface.

"This is particularly an issue when groundwater levels are very high and the fields next to roads are saturated, as they are currently with many roads remaining constantly wet.

"We do ask that if anyone spots any defects on the highways, to please report them via FixMyStreet ."

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