Marlow’s grounds maintenance team has been working hard to keep pathways clear during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The team has cut back road hedges to ensure all footpaths around Marlow are clear and as snow hit, cleared and salted all of the paths in Marlow Cemetery.

Roadside hedge work has taken place in Wiltshire Road both North and South, Spinfield Lane, Henley Road, and Gypsy Lane

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Whilst footpath clearance is continuing throughout the town, Trinity Road to Oaktree Road has had major works, increasing the width of the alleyway by over two feet.

Mayor Richard Scott has expressed his gratitude to the Council’s grounds maintenance staff for keeping the footpaths tidy during the pandemic.

He said: “Grounds maintenance staff have continued to be busy and diligent in looking after our footpaths and verges over the winter months.

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“Extensive works have been completed around the town and I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work.”