Find out what your star sign has in store for your career, love life and relationships on the week starting Saturday, January 30.


You are in tune with what those around you are thinking. Don’t be surprised if some people ask whether you can read their mind. Being able to pick up on other people’s feelings should be an advantage in your closest relationships. Elsewhere you might sense someone’s moodiness or anger and this will exhaust you emotionally. People you are introduced to later in the week will have a big influence in your life in the future. Trust your intuition even if this inspires you to act on impulse.


You’re enjoying using your imagination and it will be exciting discussing different aspects of your job with knowledgeable people. You might come up with some strange ideas. Someone will find your suggestions unusual coming from you as you aren’t usually so inventive. If these are put to the test you could all be pleasantly surprised. Social invitations received should not be dismissed. You have a busy week ahead but you should still make time to have some fun.


A possessive partner is trying to plan your days. You’ve made other arrangements which won’t please them. Their attitude isn’t pleasing you. You’re deliberately avoiding discussing the future because you aren’t sure you want them in it. You just aren’t ready to make the serious commitment they are expecting from you. Work progresses well. Social life is quiet. Your love life is nothing to write home about but you’re achieving big things and for now, that’s what really matters.


You’re starting to feel used by someone who takes and takes yet gives nothing in return. A close friend or workmate has you twisted around their little finger. In your effort to please them, they have learned how to manipulate you. Now you realise this you will be making some big changes in this relationship. A video consultation will go better than you anticipated. Formulating long-term goals will give you a sense of purpose.


Changes in the workplace will be a short-term strategy to help everyone get on top of a challenging situation. Different measures that are put in place will be working at the moment but you aren’t sure how this might develop in the weeks and months ahead. If you’ve been neglecting your closest relationships, find fun ways to reconnect with each other. Suggest ways to spice up your romance. It is perfectly reasonable to want to have fun together.


Dealing with mundane matters and everyday responsibilities is leaving you with little time for anything else. You can’t remember the last time you had some fun. You’ve lost touch with your inner child that inspires you creatively, emotionally and spiritually. Change your routines so you have more chance to be spontaneous. This isn’t a good week to apply for credit. If there’s something you badly want and you don’t have the money, it would be better to wait until you do.


You’re trying to get your head around different plans, decisions and routines that are being implemented in the workplace. Some make very little sense to you. Those in high places will insist they’re doing their best to adapt to changing demands and regulations. It feels like a one step forward and two steps back situation. Some good news around Thursday will make you happy. You will want to share your good fortune with the rest of the world. A positive attitude helps you push past obstacles.


Emotions are running high. This makes you feel vulnerable. Find a practical outlet for your feelings. Dance, music, poetry and photography are just some mediums for our creative energy. Take a course in a subject that interests you. If you are single, this could lead you to a new romantic partner. You take your work and family responsibilities seriously but you also need a little excitement and variety in your life. Devoting all your time to mundane chores would drive you crazy.


A close relationship is under threat. An old flame has turned up on the scene and they’re causing waves. Your partner will tell you there is nothing going on between themselves and someone they see every day. You aren’t sure you trust this other person. Keep a close eye on cash concerns. It may be necessary to gently but firmly refuse any request friends make to borrow cash or a valued possession. It’s important to protect your own interests.


You’ve grown tired of pouring your energy into jobs that give you little satisfaction. Mixing with creative people will have a big effect on your own imagination making this a great week for friendships and fun activities. Sharing your skills with others will bring about a creative breakthrough. Friends and workmates are seeing a new side of you as you find yourself in a position to show off your creative potential. Taking up a new sport or hobby will give you a new lease on life.


Getting away from it all could help resolve a family problem. You need some time away from someone whose moodiness is driving you crazy. Plan a trip to a place you have always found relaxing and peaceful. You are tempted to take up a financial or work-related challenge. Someone will tell you the return won’t be worth the risk.You aren’t so sure and this could be a chance you are willing to take.


Your employer will offer to pay for further training. If you’re being given classes for free, take up this useful offer. It’s important to show you are open to learning. If you are unemployed at the moment, go ahead and book a place on a workshop you recently saw advertised. In all areas, why accept second best when you can get the best? You are deserving of the good things that are happening to you now. Voluntary work can help improve your self-esteem.