HELP us find a forever home for these adorable pets.

The RSPCA have launched their covid-safe rehoming scheme in response to the global pandemic and the increase in demand for pets. 

The animal welfare charity has 14 national animal centres across England and Wales - while many of its independent branches also have rehoming facilities switching to a remote process during the latest lockdown restrictions.

Animals in the care of the animal welfare charity are often escaping cruelty or neglect - but can continue to find a second chance of forever home happiness during the current lockdown, with the charity utilising a Covid-secure, remote rehoming process.

RSPCA chief executive Chris Sherwood said: "We are delighted that we will continue to be able to find new homes for animals via a safe and Covid-secure remote process.

“Prospective adopters can meet our knowledgeable and friendly centre staff via video call, and discuss whether adding a rescue pet to their household could be the right long-term decision. 

“We know lockdown life is not forever, so it's so important people consider whether they are able to meet the needs of pets for the long term.” 

In line with government restrictions, to take advantage of the doorstep delivery scheme you must live within an hour's driving distance of your potential pet.

Here are some of the gorgeous pets in need of their forever home within an hour of High Wycombe:

Bucks Free Press:

Beagle crossbreed Bella is in need of her final forever home. 

This unlucky girl had been in four homes by the time she was seven-months-old which has left her with some emotional scars. 

At the moment she find it difficult to settle for any length of time but this could change with the right family. 

Bella did not cope very well in her last home so she will need help getting use to living in a home environment and new owners will need to be patient with her and not be too house proud.

A separate room with not much in it where she could start off would be ideal.

There is a good chance that new owners will need to invest in a Clinical Animal Behaviourist so do need to be able to cover that financially.

She is a lovely girl with a heart of gold that needs the right owner to give her unconditional love and support. 

Find out more on the RSPCA website.


Bucks Free Press:

Pudding came to the RSPCA after his last owner could no longer care for him.

He is a litte nervous and loves a place to hide, but with some time and patience he could come out of his shell and gain his confidence.

He's best suited to an adult only home or somewhere with mature older children. 

At three-years-old there's a lot of life left in old Pudding yet so he's looking for a committed forever home. 

Find out more on the website.


Bucks Free Press:

Herbie is a gorgeous chestnut coloured Lightweight Cob. 

He's a well-mannered gelding who had a rough start. He was found living in terrible conditions and his mother was taken straight ot the Equine Hospital where she sadly passed away. 

Herbie was moved to an RSPCA yard where he received round the clock love and attention, providing milk along with another orphan foal.

This gorgeous boy is proper cheeky chappy and loves nothing more than galloping across fields. 

At two-years old he is looking for an owner with the time and patience for his development. 

Find out more on the website.

Peppa Pig

Bucks Free Press:

Could you have a home for the real-life Peppa Pig? 

Peppa came to the rescue centre as part of a litter of four piglets and needs to be rehomed with atleast one of her group. 

Peppa and her siblings are a bubbly, fun and charming team who although are not the ideal picture-perfect pet, would make brilliant companions. 

They need a large enclosure, a snug pig hut and lots to eat. They enjoy nothing more than spending their day playing in the mud. 

Find out more on the RSPCA. 


Bucks Free Press:

Happy boy Harry could be the ideal addition to your home - he's easy to care for and loves human interaction. 

He was brought to the rescue center by his owners as they could no longer take care of him.

All rabbits require a spacious hutch and a generous sized run with plenty of room to play, stretch and exercise as well as a healthy and nutritious diet to help them thrive.

Find out more on the RSPCA website.