A new radio station has been launched in Aylesbury.

Bucks Radio, which officially hit the airwaves on Monday, February 1, is a replacement for the outgoing Mix 96 which was rebranded as Greatest Hits Radio after being taken over by Bauer Media in September 2020. 

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The now ceased Mix 96 had been Aylesbury’s main station since its inception back in the 1990s, with many residents expressing their sadness and displeasure of the news last autumn.

There was even a Facebook page that campaigned to save the station which gained thousands of followers.

The station officially launched on February 1

However, with launch of Bucks Radio, co-founders Richard Carr and Nathan Cooper, with the latter being a former presenter at Mix 96, the two hope that the residents of Aylesbury will be able to enjoy a new chapter in the town’s radio history.

Richard said: “There was such a vacuum created last September for local radio and I thought we’ve got to do something about it, so while chatting to Nathan Cooper a friend and work colleague of over 20 years, we decided to take the plunge and create Bucks Radio.

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“We have been blown away from all the positive comments and very grateful to all the local businesses supporting us through advertising and sponsorship.

“We are very excited that on February 1 all our hard work becomes a reality.”

The presenters who have joined the Bucks Radio project were familiar faces at Mix 96.

Mix 96 used to be on Bourbon Street 

Ben Moseby and Nia Vasser, who co-hosted Mix 96’s breakfast show before they were taken over, will be heard on Bucks Radio, with the former taking on its brand new breakfast show, whilst the latter will take charge of the afternoon shift.

Nathan will take control of the late-morning/mid-afternoon show – the slot he was best known for at Mix 96.

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An excerpt from Nathan’s moving Facebook post that was published on January 31, read: “When I woke up on September 1 without a full-time radio job for the first time in nearly 25 years, I didn't expect to be back on-air in Bucks in less than 6 months.

“But tomorrow [Monday, February 1], several months of hard work, long hours, too much stress but lots of fun will hopefully come to fruition when Bucks Radio launches at 7am, online, on the free app and on smart speakers.”