Concerned residents have expressed their worries that excessive speeding on a long stretch of road could lead to an accident.

The couple, who do not want to be named, live directly next to the Mandeville Road in Aylesbury in a quiet cul-de-sac.

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The road, which is adjacent to the town’s railway line, is one of the main ways of entering the centre of Aylesbury.

Mandeville Road is not too far away from Aylesbury Town Centre

Mandeville Road is not too far away from Aylesbury Town Centre

However, following lockdown, several vehicles have been seen exceeding the 30mph limit, with one resident claiming a car during the first shutdown last year, ‘was at least doing 50’.

One of the residents said: “People have overtaken me on that road many times and they shouldn’t because that road is a 30.

“There are also houses on the main road which makes it very dangerous for families and their children when they walk on those pavements.

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“Due to the speed of some drivers, I would not be surprised if someone were to get killed because people on that road drive so fast it’s scary.

“Kids, dogs, parents, you name it – anyone can get hit as people fly down there from time to time.”

The residents also revealed that despite the odd police van that checks the speed of motorists on the Mandeville Road, and as well as a 30mph sign, they believe more should be done to catch those who are driving at excessive speeds.

Bucks Free Press: Should there be a speed camera on the Mandeville Road?Should there be a speed camera on the Mandeville Road?

Several people who live near the area also revealed that they saw several cars going over the limit on the Mandeville Road during the first lockdown, between March and June 2020.

The other resident said: “The road is crying out for a speed camera or a police camera van.

“It is not necessary during the day, but it is in the evening.

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“This is because people of all ages are going well over the speed limit.”

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury 

We have approached both Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire Council for a comment.