Gardens and pathways are submerged in water as the River Thames overflows - with Marlow residents being warned that property flooding is "expected".

According to the government websites properties near All Saints Church, Bisham and Little Marlow should prepare in case the water level continues to rise.

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Cllr Richard Scott, Marlow Mayor, confirmed as of 12.30pm the town council are not aware of any properties that have flooded but sandbags have been delivered in areas that are susceptible to flooding.

Cllr Richard Scott said: “Obviously the river is running very high, levels have appeared to level off this morning but there is a lot of rain to come down.

"We hope it won’t go any higher.

“The town council is not aware of any properties that have been flooded.

“There are so low lying areas and some garden that have been flooded in Gossmore region of Marlow."

Bucks Free Press: The River Thames has overflowedThe River Thames has overflowed

Several flood wardens have also been deployed in the town to keep residents up to date with any latest plans.

Cllr Richard Scott continued: “Last night a lot of sandbags were dropped in the Gossmore area of Marlow and Pound Lane.

“At the moment they are there in reserve just in case the water level rises.

“There are a number of flood wardens talking to residents and keeping them up to date with what’s happening and any future plans.”

The alert – which warns that immediate action is required, reads as of 12:30pm: “Property flooding is expected.

“River levels remain very high on the River Thames as a result of a period of sustained rainfall.

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“Flooding of property, roads and farmland is expected to continue today (03/03/21), especially properties closest to the river from All Saints Church, Bisham to Little Marlow.”

Residents are hoping that the rise in water levels doesn’t see the town have flooding as they have had in previous years.

One person said: “Hopefully it doesn’t rise any more, we have had some really bad flooding in the past.

“It doesn’t seem too bad this year at the moment but it could get worst if there’s more rain.”