Transport for Bucks has revealed that they ‘will work with our colleagues at Thames Valley Police’, to combat excessive speeding in Aylesbury.

At the start of the month, two residents who live next to the Mandeville Road in the town, have claimed that due to how straight the road is, ‘anyone can get hit as people fly down there from time to time.’

The road is one of the main routes into the centre of Aylesbury and is currently marked at 30mph, but several locals believe more should be done to battle motorists who go over the limit, with one resident claiming that a driver ‘was at least doing 50’, during the first lockdown last year.

The Mandeville Road leads you into the centre of Aylesbury

The Mandeville Road leads you into the centre of Aylesbury

However, despite the concerns, TfB has stated that the road ‘has a good safety record', and that Thames Valley Police currently run a scheme to try and catch those who are exceeding the speed limit.

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A spokesperson from Transport for Bucks said: “Mandeville Road is subject to a 30mph speed limit and currently has a good safety record.

“In order to maintain this, Transport for Buckinghamshire will work with our colleagues at Thames Valley Police to investigate the options for speed enforcement.

“Thames Valley Police run a Community Speedwatch Scheme which may operate in the area.

“This is a scheme where a Speed Detection Radar Device (SDR) is used at the roadside and registration numbers of vehicles that have been seen speeding are noted down.

“The information is fed into a TVP database and a warning letter is issued to the registered vehicle owner.

“Should the vehicle be identified speeding on a subsequent occasion, a further letter will be sent to the owner informing them that the information has been passed to Roads Policing (RP) for possible further action.

“This scheme involves the community who can volunteer to help run the operations.”

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury

The pavements along the Mandeville Road are regularly used by joggers and school children and with the current lockdown showing no signs of ending, concerns are growing that motorists might exploit the empty road.

Prior to lockdown, the road was notoriously known as a rush-hour hotspot, with many divers trying to find alternative ways to avoid that stretch of Aylesbury.

But due to fewer cars on the road as a result of people working from home, several motorists have used this to their advantage and have been seen by those who live in the area, speeding along the Mandeville Road.

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Thames Valley Police said: “Our Joint Operations Roads Policing Unit delivers targeted enforcement and education providing a deterrent designed to make the roads safer and reduce the numbers of persons killed or seriously injured.

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury

“We use prevention campaigns, such as our ‘It’s Not Worth the Risk’ campaign, to try and ensure that all road users behave appropriately and keep themselves safe while using the roads in our region.

“Further, we carry out effective, information led patrols and engagement in conjunction with our partners, to deliver a safer and more secure road network.

“We rely on the public to provide information and would encourage anyone with information about speeding or poor driving to please report it so that we can gather information about a particular area and take action where appropriate.

“We would ask people to report online on our website or on 101.”