The people of Bucks have shared their views on a Covid-19 vaccination centre opening in Aylesbury.

The centre, which is based at the town’s BNU campus on Walton Street, officially opened on Monday, February 8, for patients who have been invited by either the Government or a GP to have the vaccine.

It was the first one in the town to be organised by Oxford Health.

Bucks Free Press: Several vaccination centres have opened in Bucks Several vaccination centres have opened in Bucks

And following the news that another vaccine centre has opened in the town, several residents of Aylesbury and beyond (who have had the vaccine in different parts of Bucks), are pleased that more is being done to combat the virus.

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Other vaccination centres in Aylesbury are at the Odeon Cinema and Stoke Mandeville Stadium. 

On Facebook, John Stone said: “Had mine this morning [Feb 8] and I was amazed how quick it was, nothing like I had expected.

“Will admit, I was concerned, now, I don't know why.

“My advise to anyone: You will feel better for doing it.”

“GO ON!”

The vaccination centre at Aylesbury's BNU campus opened on Feb 8

Margaret Austin said: “I had mine three weeks ago and I know people that had the virus and they said they would not wish it on anyone, so be safe and go and get it done.”

Guy Gratton added: “I plan on being about three hours early waiting in the snow.”

Danielle Lennonthen said: “I have a child, as such, I will be having it!

“So that I can hope that I am that little more protected from dying.

“I watched my mum die (from cancer) and I would never ever want my child to go through that, especially as young as he is.

“I was 33 when my mum passed.

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“I don't know if there are any long term effects, but I'd rather take that risk if it means I will be around longer for my child.


However, despite the vaccination centre opening in Aylesbury, some people have expressed their concerns.

Several Bucks residents have claimed that they will not get the vaccine if offered with one saying it was due to not knowing ‘what the long term safety of it is.’

Steve Crucial said on Facebook: “We don't know what the long-term safety of it is.

Walton Street Car Park in Aylesbury is where you can park to have your vaccination

“It's your body, your choice, but I'd rather wait until we have the full safety data.”

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And after one Facebook user explained that she had lost two friends in quick succession due to the virus and that ‘Covid is not a laughing matter’, another user responded back with: “No one’s laughing, no one’s saying Covid doesn’t exist, it’s just not as big as the Government are telling us!

The vaccination centre at Aylesburys BNU campus is on Walton Street

The vaccination centre at Aylesbury's BNU campus is on Walton Street

“Do some research on the Pfizer company.”

The centre on Walton Street will be open from 8am to 8pm for vaccinations to be administrated.