The “utterly disgusting” sexual predator who stalked, raped and murdered Libby Squire is a far cry from the religious family man described by those who knew him.

For 18 months, Pawel Relowicz led a terrifying and perverted campaign against young women in Hull, which ended when he attacked the university student and dumped her body in a river.

Those closest to him had no idea of the double life he was leading until his arrest.

Raised in the Polish village of Warszewice, Relowicz grew up with his seven brothers and sisters before moving to the UK eight years ago “to earn good money” – getting a job as a butcher at Karro Foods bacon factory in Malton, North Yorkshire.

His mother, Marzena, told reporters in 2019 that her son was a “religious boy” who baked cakes and had never been violent or in trouble with the police.

British detectives liaised with counterparts in Poland and confirmed he had no previous convictions.

His mother said: “Pawel hates violence and blood and would cry tears and tears whenever he cut himself growing up.


“I was surprised when he got the butcher job in England but he was reluctant to take it – he needed money to support his family.”

She added: “Pawel has never hurt a woman.

“He has never been in trouble with the police before and has never even got into a fight with anyone.”

Originally living with his sister in Edgecumbe Street, Hull, Relowicz would later move to a house two streets away on Raglan Street, where he lived with his wife Jagoda – who he married in 2014 – and his two sons, now aged two and four.

Speaking just basic English, he worked long shifts at the bacon factory, enjoyed taking his young son and dog to the park, going to the gym and playing football with friends.

No-one knew that this outwardly devoted husband and father also spent his time patrolling the streets around his terraced home – in the student area of Hull – looking for opportunities to watch women through their windows, commit sex acts in full view of them in the street or burgle their homes to steal sex toys and underwear, which he would use as an aid to masturbation.

He had not told his wife he had a fetish about watching people have sex, or that he found it sexually exciting to have and use other people’s sex toys and underwear.

But the couple had a good sex life and she knew he was a regular user of pornography, jurors heard.

After raping and murdering Ms Squire, Relowicz was so keen to keep up his appearance as a faithful husband that he even concocted stories claiming he had rejected the 21-year-old’s advances.


He told one friend he threw Ms Squire out of his car when she tried to kiss him and undo his trousers. He told another he ordered her out of the vehicle after she started taking her underwear off.

But his double life was exposed when he was arrested on suspicion of abducting Ms Squire and police found a holdall full of stolen sex toys and underwear in the boot of his car.

And – during his trial for raping and murdering Ms Squire – he finally admitted to “cheating” on his wife, claiming he had consensual sex with the student.

Relowicz explained his frequent nocturnal outings to his wife, who assisted the police inquiry, by claiming he needed to go for a run, even in the middle of the night.

The judge who sentenced Relowicz for his sexually motivated offences said he was a “very dangerous individual” and a “sexual predator”.

Defence barrister Oliver Saxby QC described his client as “disgusting”.

He told the jury in the murder trial: “How he has behaved, what he has done – it is utterly disgusting.”

He added: “What he did I don’t doubt will have been extremely frightening. And you will hate him for it. That’s the reality, being frank. Why wouldn’t you?”