Figures have shown that nearly 14 per cent of drivers who use the Mandeville Road in Aylesbury went over the 30mph speed limit.

Conducted by Aylesbury Town Council, the experiment took place in January this year to see how fast some motorists travel when going to and from the town centre.

The report showed that there was a familiar pattern with some motorists travelling at either 40 or 50mph ‘in the late evenings or early mornings’, with one driver being clocked at 70mph on the 30mph road.

At the time of writing, there is no speed camera on the Mandeville Road, but there is a sign indicating how fast drivers should be going.

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury

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Richard Lloyd, who is an Aylesbury Town Councillor for Mandeville & Elm Farm, told the Free Press: “The analytical evidence shows that the ones [electric speed signs] that have got numbers on which actually show your speed, you will get people to try and ‘set records’, but I think the only way we can really do it, is to put one out and see whether they make a difference.

“I think it will it will make a difference, but I think your persistent speeders will still speed.

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury leads drivers into the town centre

The Mandeville Road in Aylesbury leads drivers into the town centre

“The Mandeville Road is a road that is going into the town centre and as it is a long stretch of road, I guess people are tempted to go a bit faster on there.”

The monitoring equipment was deployed on the Mandeville Road as an experiment to see how many drivers obey the speed limit, with the trial coming in the same month that two residents who live near the road, expressed their concerns due to the amount of speeding that takes place.

The road, which is usually a congestion hotspot in Aylesbury during rush hour, has been exceptionally quiet and empty during lockdown, as office workers and school students began to work and study from home due to the pandemic.

Richard continued: “The town council renewed some of the speed watch equipment recently and as part of doing that, we got through quite a lot of different options that can be put out [to catch speeders on the Mandeville Road].

“For example, you can see speed counters or the smiley face ones, so there are quite a few different pieces of speeding equipment that can go on the Mandeville Road.

“I would have thought that there should be space to put something on that road and I think all the options should be on the table.

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“If it is proving to be a particular issue, then I think we need to come up with something that would work best.

The Mandeville Road is a 30mph road but drivers have been seen speeding on there in recent months

The Mandeville Road is a 30mph road but drivers have been seen speeding on there in recent months

“It is a bit different at the moment because we haven’t got a school run, but late nights and early mornings, there is quite a lot of excessive speeding on that road and during the winter, you need something that is a bit more digital that you can actually see.

“And if you have something permanently out there, I think a lot of people will get used to it.”

It was also revealed that ATC (Aylesbury Town Council) have got a plan in place to rotate the equipment on various roads across the town to crack down on speeding.

Finally, Richard added: “I walk my children up and down that road as we go to the park on Bateman Drive, so we walk on that stretch of the road quite regularly, and you don’t want to see a fatal accident down there.

“The chances are is that you will hurt someone else not only yourself.

“The data shows the number of people who are going at excessive speed rather than the top speed, but it is the people who are creeping up to those 40s and 50s on that road which is too fast for that road.”

If you have any concerns or want to express your experiences with speeding on Mandeville Road, email or