CALLS have sounded for alternative methods to curb reckless drivers after a measure ‘designed to slow traffic’ was damaged and left leaning in the road.

Richings Park Residents’ Association called on Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) to consider a new way to manage the rate at which people drive along North Park near Iver.

The cry came after a Keep Right sign was left broken at the base and tilting “for weeks”.

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The community group said the road is used by a high number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) which is only increasing.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: The traffic calming measure on North Park, Iver

It claimed the busted road sign was evidence speeding along North Park is “out of control”.

It urged the highways authority to consider “something different” to deter fast drivers and lorry use.

It also tagged Thames Valley Police (TVP) to help manage the problem.

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“Designed to slow down the traffic?” tweeted Richings Park Residents’ Association. “Maybe it is time to do something different @tfbalerts @BucksCouncil @TVP_ChiltSBucks?

“Speeding traffic is clearly out of control. This [sign] is on North Park and has been like this for weeks.”

It added: “We have speeding cars, but worse a load of HGVs. The remit for local govt is to reduce numbers of HGVs and they are increasing, and we have no policing of speeding vehicles.”

A TfB spokesman said: "Transport for Buckinghamshire is aware of the damage to the signs on the road island in North Park and received two reports regarding the damage on 11th February 2021. The reports have been assigned to our maintenance team who will assess the damage and schedule a repair in an appropriate timescale."

A spokesman for TVP added: “Our Joint Operations Roads Policing Unit delivers targeted enforcement and education providing a deterrent designed to make the roads safer and reduce the numbers of persons killed or seriously injured.

“We use prevention campaigns, such as our ‘It’s Not Worth the Risk’ campaign, to try and ensure that all road users behave appropriately and keep themselves safe while using the roads in our region.

“Further, we carry out effective, information led patrols and engagement in conjunction with our partners, to deliver a safer and more secure road network.

“We rely on the public to provide information and would encourage anyone with information about speeding or poor driving to please report it so that we can gather information about a particular area and take action where appropriate. We would ask people to report online on our website or on 101.”

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