This is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, February 20.


You will be content to take a back seat and let others take the initiative. Although you are usually the one who takes charge, it could be surprising to find how much you enjoy leaving the decision making to someone else. This is also why you would prefer it if a needy friend or neighbour left you alone. You will be there for them another time but at the moment, you have something important to think over.


A loved one is worried about the future. Whether it is their job or money that is causing them apprehension, do your best to keep their spirits up. Reassure them that despite current difficulties, you will get through it together. The future can be good even if some slight changes have left people unsettled. Be patient if you have to repeat yourself a few times with an older colleague. It may take a while before you are able to get the message across.


You are ready to push worries and uncertainties aside and to find the positives around you. You might decide to take up a hobby or interest that excites you. Friends may seem slightly suspicious to see you filled with such enthusiasm. At the same time, this could inspire them to be more optimistic themselves. A purchase you’re considering could involve more money than you are comfortable with. A practical friend will propose a cheaper alternative.


You thought a relationship was going somewhere while all the time, your partner has been seeing it as a casual arrangement. It was inevitable you wouldn’t last together. There has been disappointment in love and this will make you wary when it comes to forming new relationships. You could do with a break from routine. Nothing will seem to lift your spirits no matter how good humoured the atmosphere around you might be. Even so, if someone is relying on you to carry out a promise, you won’t let them down.


Striving for perfection is making you overly critical of your efforts. It may be necessary to lower your standards if you hope to finish a project on time. People are relying on you to deliver by deadline. Your reputation will suffer if you fail to do so. A youngster in the family seems to be constantly getting into trouble and this worries you. This is a temporary phase they are going through and it shouldn’t last for much longer.


You can’t help noticing you are doing all the work while others are getting away with doing very little. The answer to this problem is to start thinking of ways to delegate. Try to recognise other people’s strengths and think how these can be put to good use. In a group effort it’s important to build up a team spirit. Talking things through with an older friend will help you see a recent event from a few different perspectives. You will be grateful for their wisdom.


A team effort is what is needed to reach an important deadline. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need any help. There will be someone who has time on their hands to support you. A friend might be selling a vehicle or piece of equipment you need and they will offer it to you at a great price. This will save you some money. A job offer would mean a big change in family routine. Because of this, you will need to talk to your loved ones before making any moves in this direction.


You have an urge to travel and get out and about. If this isn’t possible, meeting up with some of your more adventurous friends will provide you with a few entertaining moments. An older relative might be grumbling about how they never see you these days. They are hoping you will take more interest in family and domestic affairs. You just have too much to do and the fact that they’re making demands on you isn’t making it any easier.


Opinions in the family differ. Everyone has their own views and no one is willing to change their mind. You feel stuck in the middle of it all. Use caution in this bewildering atmosphere. Although you don’t mind either way on what the outcome might be, if you aren’t careful, someone will accuse you of taking sides. With you being in such a practical, no nonsense mood, try to find your sense of humour when a friend points out the funny side of an awkward situation.


A role will be offered that you’ve never envisaged for yourself. After some thought, you might decide to turn down this opportunity. It isn’t something you feel particularly happy about and although there will be advantages, these aren’t enough to make it an exciting proposition. Some of what a colleague has to say verges on gossip at someone else’s expense. You will not be too amused. You respect the privacy of others as you will be demonstrating in your reaction and response.


You feel you are being tossed to and fro with no explanation as to why plans are being changed from one moment to the next. A senior colleague will talk you through some of the reasons behind recent negotiations. Stop stressing about it as this is not doing your health any good. You might enjoy the chance to catch up on the comings and goings of a few friends later in the week particularly if it has been a while since you last saw each other.


The mood, outlook and words of those around you will affect you emotionally more than you realise. The more an older relative is allowed to air their grievances and grumbles, the more you feel you have to worry about. If you are uncomfortable with matters being discussed, change the subject. Even if at first it seems your life has been thrown into chaos, don’t get too despondent. From chaos, a more organised and happier way of living will emerge.