“LONG suffering” locals distraught by the damage wrought on their roads by heavy goods vehicles, failing utility systems and under investment have demanded the council “step up” and make lasting restorations.

Cllr Paul Griffin challenged Buckinghamshire Council on behalf of residents in The Ivers to “properly” repair roads he said had become “life-threatening” due to “tyre-destroying potholes and drainage issues”.

He identified six areas he felt are in need of investment. They are: Wood Lane, The Black Horse Roundabout, the A412, Chandlers Hill, Bangors Road South and Thorney Lane.

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He said people in The Ivers pay a premium to live in Buckinghamshire and yet are “frequently forgotten” by the authority.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: A monster pothole in Seven Hills Road, Iver Heath

With the formation of the new unitary council in April 2020, Cllr Griffin said people were “hopeful” there is a chance to get the help they “desperately need”.

“The Ivers have long suffered from under investment in infrastructure, as have many areas of course,” said Cllr Griffin.

“Our under investment now manifests itself as roads that are literally falling apart because they are either overused by HGVs (heavy goods vehicles), for which our roads were never built. Or, due to water and sewage systems that have long since collapsed and not been repaired.

“Wood Lane, The Black Horse Roundabout, the A412, Chandlers Hill, Bangors Road South and Thorney Lane are all full of life-threatening and tyre-destroying potholes and drainage issues. Add to this that The Ivers contribute some of the highest rates in the county and residents have always felt that as Iver is such a long way from Aylesbury we are frequently forgotten and don’t get our share of investment.”

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: A 'No Fishing' sign beside a flooded Wood Lane

He added: “We have a new unitary council now and we are all hopeful that as all departments are under one roof there could be hope and a chance to get our roads and drainage systems repaired properly so that the repairs last. Nobody really understands the logic of temporary repairs which, if we’re lucky, last a few days. The unitary council has to step up to the problem and whilst The Ivers are not the only area that needs help, we desperately need help.”

A spokesman for Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) said: "TfB is aware of the defects on Wood Lane. It is on our 2021 programme to be extensively patched and structurally repaired, before receiving surface dressing treatment. The surface dressing will act as a sealant to stop potholes forming and halt further deterioration. 

"In the meantime, Wood Lane will continue to be inspected regularly and any defects that are identified as needing urgent action will receive a temporary repair.”

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