A High Wycombe strip club could be demolished and turned into a block of flats if new plans get given the go-ahead.

The White Horse in West Wycombe Road has been running for 150 years, and has had striptease dancers for the last 35 years - which has made the pub a popular destination.

But fresh plans submitted to Buckinghamshire Council suggest it could be bulldozed and replaced with a block of nine flats and office space.

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Last year it was revealed that a new owner of the building had put in plans to turn it into a 13-bed house in multiple occupation (HMO), but the White Horse’s manager Alastair Watts said he was not worried about the pub’s future.

Mr Watts said he believed the new owner was simply trying to “establish the value of the site”.

Those HMO plans were given the green light by Buckinghamshire Council, but now the same applicant has a new idea for the site.

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If allowed to go ahead, the White Horse – a building that dates from around the late 1800s – will be demolished and replaced with a “modern” red brick and grey block of nine flats with an open plan office on the top floor.

According to public documents, it will look like a four-storey building at the front and three storeys from the back.

The top floor will also have the option for a sky garden and all nine flats will have two bedrooms.

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There are also plans for two full-length “green walls” on the western side of the building.

Agents working on behalf of the applicant, Streamdown Property Ltd, said demolishing the White Horse and replacing it with “high quality” flats will “reinvigorate and generate” the site.

But their earlier HMO plan for the site would be a “viable fall back” if these new flats are refused.

You can view the full selection of documents on the planning portal at www.wycombe.gov.uk using the reference 21/05317/FUL.