A secondary school in Great Missenden has had approval for 5 metre high lights for its new multi-million-pound sports facility despite “strong” objections.

The Misbourne school received confirmation that their application to install floodlights alongside the new access road for coaches has been approved.

The Great Missenden village association “strongly objected” to the plans and branded lights as being “unnecessarily high”.

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Floodlights will be used for the car park and access road but the Great Missenden village association believes each area is “clearly different” and are “surprised and very disappointed” they are treated as one.

There was no objection to the floodlights for the car park but plans for the coach access road were deemed “unnecessary" and "inappropriate” by the Great Missenden village association and will cause a “serious negative impact” on the surrounding area.

Bucks Free Press: The proposed multi-million-pound sports facility The proposed multi-million-pound sports facility

Great Missenden & Prestwood Revitalisation Group have also objected to the floodlights describing the application as “unacceptable” and “detrimental” as the “tall lighting is totally unsuitable in this location.”

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“Given that the local area has only very subtle street lighting in the village centre and no street lighting at all in most areas, the claim that tall lighting is necessary is contended” the statement read.

A local resident said: “There is no need to light the coach road at all in view of the fact that coaches do not arrive before 8am and have all departed before 3.30pm”

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After the initial objections, the number of floodlights has been reduced but the height of them will remain the same.