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I totally agree with John McGeenham of Wooburn Common about the state and abuse of our country roads (‘Take rubbish home to recycle it’, Bucks Free Press, February 5).

I grew up in Wooburn Common and never saw rubbish thrown around like you do nowadays. 

Forty years ago, I married and moved to Denham. Our road is a no-through road and the amount of rubbish dumped along it is unbelievable.

Cans, plastic and glass bottles, takeaway cartons with half-eaten pizza left in it – what a waste of money.

Also, human poo and tissues, a plastic carrier bag full of sick which had been run over and spread all across the road.

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We ended up washing the road with buckets of water. 

We also found black bin bags with cannabis plants in them and used latex gloves thrown on the hedge by our gate. 

It comes to something when you have to litter-pick your own road before your late husband’s funeral can leave from your house.

Respect the countryside, what we have left of it, and recycle.

S Newell, Denham


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