Beaconsfield MP Joy Morrissey writes to Bucks Free Press readers:

It has been deeply encouraging and a source of much needed optimism to see the vaccine roll out across Bucks go from strength to strength.

Already GPs are rolling out vaccines to adults above the age of 60.

The speed of this rollout is essential to our path to normality by reducing the risk of death and serious illness which Covid poses, whilst also relieving pressure from our NHS services.

With the first our vulnerable groups safely vaccinated we now must focus on rolling out the vaccine to all adults over 50, which account for 99% of deaths the vast majority of hospitalisations.

Following this we must then ensure that all adults receive their vaccinations which will offer the entire British population a high degree of protection against coronavirus.

Yet despite these successes uptake amongst communities varies widely. Whilst many communities have a high percentage of uptake, many are also worryingly low.

This is particularly evident in poorer communities and BAME communities. Research has shown that ethnic minorities are almost half as likely to refuse a vaccine.

This is deeply troubling as by refusing these vaccines, communities and people who are already at high risk are needlessly putting themselves in further danger.

Not only could this prolong the pandemic and the necessity for lockdown, but any future spikes in infections could rip through minority communities, further entrenching inequality and poverty between our communities.

So I would urge anyone who has still not accepted the offer of a jab to contact the NHS and schedule one as soon as possible.

And if you have any reservations on the safety of the vaccines or how they work, or what they are made of, please head to the NHS website and look for information on the Covid vaccines.

And to anyone who has received their jab, please encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to get their jabs too. Often a simple recommendation from loved ones and friends is all people need to get their jab.